About Us

Some of the key aspects that make Crown different:
*We start every day with prayer and worship.
*NO homework is assigned (except reading, occasional project work, or studying for tests)
*Friday is an optional school day for all students, to pursue extra-curricular opportunities. If students do not complete their weekly schoolwork by Thursday at 2:00, they are required to attend school on Friday.
*Teachers who understand their roles as mentors to children
*Blended curriculum which is heavily technology-based allows for individualized education for each student to move as quickly or slowly through the curriculum as needed
*Each student (in grades 4-12) uses his or her own laptop for schoolwork
*South Carolina Independent School Association STEAM Certification

Crown Leadership Academy is an independent, private, Christian school that cultivates creative leadership within its students in Charleston, SC. A group of like-minded parents, educators, and church and business leaders met to pray and seek the right direction for our children and our community.  Although we came from a wide variety of experiences, we agreed on several fundamental ideas.  Our children need a place where they can be free to be themselves in an educational system.  Children are born with a natural, God-given curiosity, which needs to be cultivated through education. Education needs to be a platform where children are taught how to think, reason, and communicate facts and opinions.  Our community needs a non-denominational school where Christians can be encouraged to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus.  After much prayer and discussion, we felt confident that we had a clear vision and the right people to accomplish it and in August 2010, Crown Leadership Academy was born.

We are a revolutionary new school with a rigorous and relevant approach to education.  We seek to produce students who have a lifelong love of learning, who recognize a personal responsibility and respect for their families, communities and themselves, and who become independent thinkers and inspired leaders.  First, our teachers serve as true mentors, who establish caring relationships with each student, providing individual guidance and attention but ensuring the student accepts responsibility for his or her learning. Second, we cater to the learning style and interests of each child by incorporating research-based curriculum with award-winning advanced technology, that permit students to move quickly through materials they have mastered or change the pace for content requiring more investment.  Our programs and instructional tools provide for participation in group discussion characterized by civil discourse, ongoing individual performances, and student-driven learning grounded in critical thinking and communication skills.  Third, we make the world a classroom by providing students with access to experts, through guest lectures, e-seminars, field trips, work-study programs and more. These models of success in an array of fields help the children discover how to apply what they have learned in a variety of work and life situations. Finally, we challenge our students to serve as role-models themselves through every facet of their life.

Our approach is dramatically different from the traditional, locked-step educational styles of most institutions.  We teach that true learning requires effort but desire to learn brings a genuine sense of excitement to young, developing minds across all areas of learning, from academic and physical, to spiritual and emotional.