Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions by prospective Crown families.

Do you plan on increasing enrollment at the school? Yes, but only if those additional students are suited for our educational model and that new enrollment does not impact our ability to meet the needs of our existing individual students.  Since its inception in 2010 the school has grown organically from our original 7 students. We don’t advertise very much; we don’t solicit students. But the Crown family of friends, parents and professionals has brought a steady stream of potential students who are seeking the educational model we provide.  We screen every potential student.  We counsel with potential families to ensure that they understand and appreciate our uniqueness.  

Does Crown have a Dress Code?  No. As with everything at Crown, we follow the Rule of Respect.  If a student’s attire is respectful to himself or herself, to peers, teachers and to God, it is permitted. Crown’s fundamental philosophy is that each child is uniquely made. Therefore, the school permits each student to communicate the unique style that is found to be his or her own. We are creating an atmosphere where students are encouraged to be themselves and individual choice in clothing helps establish that among young people.

Does the Crown curriculum meet state standards? Yes. All curriculum is grounded in South Carolina State Standards. Crown, however, uses a different approach for delivering that curriculum and a variety of measures, rather than a battery of standardized tests, to assess student development. In certain courses, such as math, we use traditional materials to ensure that fundamentals are accomplished. However, students can move at an individual pace based on skills gained. For other coursework of Language Arts and the sciences, students are engaged in Project Based Learning rather than with a subject-specific textbook. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to gain knowledge through the use of primary source materials, participation in group and individual investigations and discussions led by the mentor teacher. Student assessments require students to provide evidence of mastery through written and verbal presentations in a variety of media, working both in groups and individually.        

Can students from other schools or home- schooling be successful at Crown? Yes. Our school, established in 2010, draws students from many educational backgrounds.  Crown students are successful because they are eager to grow, to be creative, and to accept the challenge of individualized learning, not because they are skilled at memorizing content and regurgitating that information on an exam.       

How do I know if I am a good “fit” for Crown?  Well, clearly, you have to be “cool.”  That is, you are creative and you typically are interested in what others have to say and like to challenge and be challenged by their ideas. You want to be better at setting your own deadlines but you like it when others are counting on you.  You have a pretty good sense of when you have done your best and when you have fallen short.  And you don’t like falling short, so you recognize that you need to do something differently the next time. Finally, you see–actually notice–the world around you. Not just an observer, you recognize the everyday miracles and joys of life that abound.  A voice inside has been whispering that you can make this life even better.  You are ready to learn how to change the world.     

Are you accredited? Yes.  We are accredited by the South Carolina Independent School Association.

Do Crown students take written tests? Yes.  Tests are useful tools for measuring student progress and providing opportunities to develop and demonstrate study and recall skills. These skills are necessary in life. However, life success requires both verbal and written communication; enterprise collaboration involving research, design, and accomplishment of a particular aim; and an obligation to personal responsibility. Teachers at Crown never use a single assessment instrument.  They look to a variety of measurements and signs of improvement as the student demonstrates skills and talents under development.      

Do students earn grades at Crown?  Yes.  Crown students receive letter grades and traditional transcripts. Crown teachers often provide narratives describing individual strengths exhibited that grading period along with emphasis areas for improvement that will be expected during the next grading period.    

Do you accept students with learning disabilities?  Yes.  We aim to build a diverse student body that better reflects the world realities that our students face.  Our model of education appears, in some cases,  to level the playing field for different learners because it is more individualized than traditional education.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the resources essential for students with significant learning disabilities.  We do not offer an alternative diploma.  We are happy to discuss a child’s learning disabilities during the initial tour and meeting and can discern if we can potentially meet his or her needs.  

Do Crown graduates earn a diploma? Yes! And the follow-up question to this is usually about whether or not our students are being accepted to college.  Again, that answer is, “Yes!”  Crown grads historically are being accepted into their top choices of college and are being successful on campuses around the USA and the world.

Does Crown accept mid-year transfers?  Yes.  We prefer transfers take place at the beginning of our 2nd quarter (October) or 3rd quarter (January), however we recognize life can be a bit more complicated than that and doesn’t always operate on an academic calendar!  Feel free to reach out to our office to discuss your child’s specific needs.